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Grenada New Arrivals Feb-March 2014

Hi Everyone!

We have a lot of updating to do for you guys, so we'll just do one monster post below with a bunch of pics for Feb and March new arrivals:

New Arrivals include Ceramic tiles for indoor and outdoor use, Wall tiles, and now some gorgeous Porcelain tiles and mosaics for countertops, backsplashes and pools just to name a few of the more popular uses!

We also wanted to tell you again about the different ways you can keep up with this information if it is relevant to you:

1.  Facebook (of course) which is

2.  Twitter which is @islandstyletile

3.  Google Plus which is

4.  Our Posthaven blogs which are probably the best way apart from directly calling or visiting us!  The reason we say this, is because you can simply opt in to have our Posthaven blog posts come to you via email so you can check them out whenever you have the time, rather than continually miss posts which appear on your other Facebook, Twitter or Google Plus feeds only to disappear soon after.

So Subscribe today!  It's easy to opt out once more, once you find the tile you've been searching for :)

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Hamanda & Zanna

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Grenada - New Arrivals November 2013!

Hello All,

We are thrilled, as always, when we receive our first shipment from a new line of tiles.  We think you will share our excitement if you click through the following gallery!

Lots more new and exciting tiles arriving almost every week until Christmas so hope to see you soon as we continue to celebrate our 5th Anniversary sale in grand style!

Best Regards,

Zanna & Hamanda

Island Style - Tile & Bath (Grenada)

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Grenada - New Arrivals July 2013

Hello Grenada!

We have just received yet another shipment (boy do our staff work hard!) with....can you believe it...even MORE new models!  Our Clearance Sale continues so we'll just go ahead and put these on sale as well.  Why not?

Take a look:

If you look on Facebook right now, there's even an extra special deal for our Facebook fans ONLY so make sure you join the page so you can take advantage of that as it's for a VERY limited time.  It's

Tell us what you think in the comments below or on Facebook.  Hope to see you soon!

Best Regards,

Zanna & Hamanda

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Grenada - MORE New Arrivals June 2013!

Hello Again Grenada,

Here are some more new arrivals we received late last week, and yet again we have mostly brand new models we've never had before!  Some of the new 13"x22" tiles are absolutely perfect for backsplash areas of your kitchen, and we also have new indoor and outdoor 18" tiles for other areas of your home.  Have a look:

You'll notice our blog now has the ability to post comments and "like" posts.  Please feel free to do so here or on our facebook page! 

Hope to see you soon!

Best Regards,

Zanna & Hamanda

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Grenada - New Arrivals June 2013

Hello Grenada!

Here are some lovely new arrivals we received just yesterday.  In keeping with our promise to offer even MORE variety to you, every model in this shipment is brand new from one of our exciting new suppliers!

Have a look:

What do you think?  Join us on our facebook page to discuss!  Over 2500 people have joined our page...have you?

Best Regards,

Zanna & Hamanda

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